KELITCH Mixed Color Seed Beaded Thin Rope String Braided Bracelet for Girls/Women ZoaAAMiON

KELITCH Mixed Color Seed Beaded Thin Rope String Braided Bracelet for Girls/Women ZoaAAMiON
KELITCH Mixed Color Seed Beaded Thin Rope String Braided Bracelet for Girls/Women
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, in addition to being tasty in tea, may act as a heart tonic and pain reliever.

The edible flowers

And to top off the list, the milky sap found in leaves and flower stems is sometimes used toremove warts, corns, callouses, and other stubborn skin maladies.

Are you excited yet? Okay, good. Let’s try a few recipes. But first, this word from our legal department…


If you are using herbicides or pesticides on your lawn or garden, you shouldn’t eat anything out of your yard at all, as it will contain poisons. Poisons are not good for your health. (For more on how to grow things without resorting to bottled toxins, see Fashion jewelry Blue Fire Opal 925 Silver Stamped Stud Earrings for Ladies OES622 g2d3u
.) Dandelions have no documented side effects, but everyone is different. As with any herb, if you have a weird reaction to it, stop taking it.

Dandelion Green Salad

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for salads—they’re great mixed with other pungent greens such as cress and arugula, and dressed with a good vinaigrette.

Pick tender young leaves

Since the dandelion part of this recipe is so easy, I will also include directions on how to make my favorite vinaigrette. Here’s how to do it:

Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and whisk vigorously until emulsified. Then pour over your fresh greens for a heady salad experience. Garnish with garlic croutons for extra oomph.

If you’re looking for a good coffee substitute, here’s one to try:

First, harvest some dandelion roots. Late summer roots are best, since they’re the fattest and filled with the most healthful properties.

Next, we’re going to dry them. Don’t try to air dry out in the sun, since they are apparently attractive to bugs and such, and don’t dry well using slower methods.

But if you dry them in the oven at about 200°F for an hour or two, they’ll be ready quickly and won’t lose much of their nutritional properties.

Then, simply grind them like coffee, and prepare yourself a tasty beverage that isn’t even all that bitter. This is a good way to dispose of dandelion roots if you feel you really must get them out of your lawn.

Much better for your ecosystem than Round-Up, and the exercise will do you good.

You know the tiny, overpriced bottles of tincture that you see in health food stores? Well, you can make your own for practically nothing and it’s incredibly easy. In fact, you can use these instructions to make a tincture out of almost any herb, not just dandelion.

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Select Page founder and CEO, Parvati Devi, and Executive Producer Rishi Deva are delighted to share that since the wonderful Blue Ocean Summit last fall, many of our Blue Ocean Network tribe have joined in support of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), whether through our #unitebylight campaign that touched hearts globally, or through signing and sharing the MAPS petition.

The value of MAPS is being noticed and endorsed by many key leaders, including Ocean Elders Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Jane Goodall, as well as Julia Butterfly Hill, Louie Psihoyos (Oceanic Preservation Society) and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (Earth Guardians). They agree that MAPS is an essential intervention to stop species loss, keep our oceans healthy and our planet’s weather patterns balanced.

“Her Deepness”, the renowned oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle,

Time Magazine Hero for the Planet and founder of Mission Blue, says:

“We need to convey a sense of urgency because the world is changing. The next ten years is likely to be the most important time in the next 10,000 years. We have options that we are going to lose within ten years unless we take action now,” says Dr. Earle. “Every day options close, and this is particularly true in the Arctic. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary is an idea whose time has come, and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people behind these efforts.”

“Humans have the most highly developed intellect of any species yet in the name of progress we are exploiting the natural resources of our planet and destroying the complex web of life with no thought for future generations. The oceans are not only rich in biodiversity, but also play a major role in regulating temperatures: we continue harming and polluting them at our peril. It is thus hugely important to establish the proposed Sanctuary for preserving the unique Arctic flora and fauna and thus helping to slow down climate change at this critical time.” is deeply grateful for the support of these great leaders for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

As part of our goal to realize MAPS by December 2018, we have created a new coalition website at . Your organization can join the Goodall Institute, Mission Blue, Blue Ocean Network, Oceanic Preservation Society, Climate Reality Canada, and other environmental leaders and changemakers as part of the #SignMAPS coalition! Please visit to find out more.

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